The Assessment Expertise

Full Fledge Assessment

Elegibility of countries is established based on their macroeconomic stability and friendly policies to attract foreign and private investors. The Social Banking sector of each country is also evaluated. The risk appetite for countries is established by investors but CYRANO refuses to perform services when it is evident that losses could occur and would affect its reputation.

CYRANO performs a very specialized evaluation of the financial performance and social orientation of SBs, related to both: quantitative and qualitative aspects.

For each loan, an Assessment Report is submitted to investors for approval.



Each financed SB is periodically monitored by CYRANO´s specialized team.

SBs are visited at least twice a year in order to meet with key management, to review loan portfolio, and to double-check risk components.

A Monitoring Report is sent to investors and SBs that include the following:

  • Covenants compliance
  • Financial Statements
  • Ratios of Financial Performance
  • Outlook of potential risks
  • Market events
  • Major counterpart events